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Registration fees and deadlines:

Deadlines will be hard deadlines and will not be adjusted.  Sufficient notice is given via email and social media regarding the early bird registration date, the regular registration date, and the late fee that will be incurred should a child not be registered on or before the regular registration date.

Early bird discount: Discounts will not be given for registration after the early bird date.

Regular registration and late fee: Late fees will not be refunded for registration after the regular registration date.  The only exception will be in instances in which a family is registering a child late due to special circumstances, i.e. a family who has just moved to the area and wants to join the program will not have to incur a late fee.

Refund policy for departures from the program following the start of the season:

Departure due to injury or illness:  If, after the season has begun, leaving the program is necessary due to a child being unable to play due to injury or illness, or a parent/guardian suffers an injury or illness making a child’s participation unduly burdensome, the family may seek a refund regardless of how far into the season the injury or illness occurs.  

Note:    Please know you may choose to receive a credit, instead of a refund, for the following     season.

Departure due to moving:  If a family needs to leave the program after the season has begun because the family is moving for reasons outside of the parent(s)/guardian(s) control, a refund may be given if the departure occurs prior to week two of games.  

Departure due to child(ren) no longer wishing to play:  Should your child(ren) decide she/he/they no longer want to play prior to the first practice a refund or credit may be given.  The decision and request must be made prior to the first practice.  

Departure to play for another program: Leaving to play for another program is not sufficient grounds for a refund.

Uniforms:  Absolutely no refunds will be given for uniforms purchased.

Credit card processing fees:  Processing fees cannot be refunded.  

Required:  All requests for a refund will be presented to and decided on by the board, especially if your child’s/children’s team(s) have already been registered with MBYLL.

**  Please remember that the Boston Youth Lacrosse Association is a volunteer program, i.e. board members, coaches etc. are all volunteers and are not paid, but there are costs associated with the program such as league fees, permit fees, game fees etc.  Registration fees go directly to these costs.  Refunds given will have to be withdrawn from funds raised to provide scholarships, equipment, and program events.  **